Here’s a few of the delicious flavors that we offer.

Check for daily availability.


bananasplitcropped Banana Split – Vanilla cake with banana filling and vanilla frosting, chocolate drizzle and nuts.




Peach Berry Pleasure – Vanilla cupcake with peach frosting and berry filling.



veryvanillacroppedVery Vanilla – a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting.





Death by Chocolate – a chocolate cupcake with chocolate filling and frosting.



chocolateelviscroppedChocolate Elvis – the famous mixture of peanut butter and banana combined with a chocolate cupcake.




Chocolate Salted Caramel – a chocolate cupcake with salted caramel frosting.



orangedreamcroppedOrange Dream – Orange cake with cheesecake filling, and orange whipped frosting.



chocolateraspberrycroppedChocolate Raspberry – a chocolate cupcake filled with raspberry puree, and topped with a chocolate raspberry swirl frosting.



peachraspberrycroppedPeach Raspberry Swirl – a vanilla cupcake filled with raspberry puree, and topped with a swirl of peach and raspberry frosting.


Raspberry lemonade- Lemon cake with raspberry buttercream, topped with a lemon slice and a raspberry.

Brunette- Vanilla cake topped with chocolate buttercream.

Carrot Cake- Topped with cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut.

German Chocolate- A classic flavor. Chocolate cake with gooey coconut caramel pecan frosting.

Black Forest- Chocolate cake filled with cherries and topped with fluffy whip cream.

Tiramisu- Vanilla cake soaked in coffee topped with whipped mascarpone cheese frosting.

Red Velvet- Traditional red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

The Elvis- Vanilla cake with peanut butter frosting and banana filling.

Almond Joyful- Tastes like an Almond Joy! Chocolate cake with thick coconut buttercream and almond topping.

Malted Milk Ball- Malted vanilla cake covered in chocolate buttercream and malted milk balls.